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Monday, January 12, 2015

0 Book Review: Agent of Orange by Michael P Amram

Title: Agent of Orange
Michael P Amram
Thriller , Suspense, Paranormal, Adult, Romance

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Book Description:
Corporal Chauncy T. McClarren is a Vietnam Veteran. His ten years of service as a marine are glibly worn on the sleeve of his dress uniform well into civilian life. He went to Vietnam before the draft began with the hope of being a martyr. He is reluctant to admit this to his friend and even to himself.

Elizabeth A Spaarkes randomly selects Chauncy’s door. She flees to Florida after two years in the Symbionese Liberation Army. She is the perfect woman. She is a redheaded goddess. “Lizzy” is a nymphomaniac who fills his every desire sexually, and eventually, domestically.  

Gunnery Sergeant Harrold H. Coffman comes home from the war a paraplegic. He owes his life to his Corporal. One day he learns on the news of Spaarke’s possible involvement with the left-wing group. He believes she is guilty. Chauncy chooses to give her the benefit of the doubt. He refuses to believe a woman that beautiful could be a fugitive.

About the Author:
Author Michael P Amram acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Minnesota- Duluth in 1989. Since graduating he has been writing fiction, poetry and non-fiction. In 1998 Amram saw his first publication with a short- story "The Den of Antiquities." In 2003 he sold an excerpt from a short story to accompany an article featured in the Canadian magazine "Abilities." 

Amram submitted a portion of the manuscript for his first in the 2011-12 mentor program run by the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His work was selected from seventy-eight other fiction writers to be a finalist. From October 2013 to June 2014 he published two novels and two poetry collections. He is currently working on a memoir titled Growing up DFL: Minnesota Politics during the Vietnam War.

Amram meets monthly with a writer's group at the Loft. He and his wife live in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. Much of his published and unpublished work can be found at www.michaelpaulamram.weebly.com.

Book Review:
Michael P. Amram's Agent of Orange is an expansive exploration of the intersection between history and identity. In Chauncey McClarren, Amram's protagonist, readers will discover a character made complex by the journey to discover his biological parents and the historical, ethnic mysteries of his birth. Moving through the racist school of his youth, the alienation of his return from Vietnam, and the discovery of his strange origins in Nazi Germany, McClarren struggles to find fulfillment in his relationships, and his journey toward self-understanding is as much cultural as personal. On occasion Amram deals in improbabilities (at one point McClarren foils a hijacking by throwing the terrorist out of a jet), but the larger-than-life plot suits the weighty themes of race, religion and ethnicity at the heart of the novel.

Amram knows his material. Whether in descriptions of the culture of bodybuilding or the marine life of the Bahamas, the settings of Agent of Orange offer vivid detail and symbolic weight to the intensity of character and plot.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars
Review by: Menachem Ben Moshe | M.B. Moshe's Writers Blog


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