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Thursday, January 2, 2014

0 Book Review: Player Season: The Pickup Artist Who Hacked Nike by Brad Stephenson

Title: Player Season: The Pickup Artist Who Hacked Nike
Author: Brad Stephenson
Genre: Non-Fiction/Baseball

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Book Summary:
This is a TRUE STORY about the trials and tribulations of Brad Stephenson, a former pickup artist for professional athletes who hacked Nike's website for $81,419.58 in sports gear -- before his door was busted down by the Secret Service.

About Author:

Book Review:
This story makes for some good entertainment. This book is based off of a true story concerning the author, Brad Stephenson. The way the author author tells his story, the reader can tell the author is somewhat full of himself. The author writes about his troubles with keeping work, women, abuse of drugs, stealing and getting a woman pregnant and leaving her. The book will grab your attention and keeps you hooked. This well-written and detail story  will keep you laughing until the end.

I highly recommend this book for those that what to enjoy an entertaining read. 

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars
Review By: Kechell Jackson | K is for Kechell 


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